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truth bookBeing able to read body language and assess whether a person is being lied to, or whether someone is or isn’t telling the truth, is an exceptional skill to have. “Truth Wizardry”
helps people across a broad stratum have a competitive edge during:

  • Negotiations
  • Assessments
  • Compromising
  • Counseling
  • Selling
  • Mentoring

Whether you are an executive in a Fortune 500 company, a business leader in a multi-national corporation, a supervisor in a small/medium enterprise, or an entrepreneur in a start-up venture, having the powers of a “Truth Wizard” can deliver tremendous professional and personal advantage.

Nothing but the truth…or is it?

As part of their research for The Wizards Project at the University of California, San Francisco, psychologists Paul Ekman and Maureen O’Sullivan conducted a 20-year study into people’s ability to sense whether they are being lied to. The project focused on the subjects’ ability to read body language to detect lies.

After studying 20,000 test subjects, the project was only able to confirm 50 individuals as Truth Wizards – that’s 0.25% of the test population. But the art of listening to body language isn’t something that everyone is born with. The Wizards Project found that while “normal” people can spot a lie only 50% of the time, a Truth Wizard is able to interpret body language to detect deceit with over 80% accuracy.

And most of the time in your professional and personal lives, where you are seeking nothing but the truth, that 30% difference can be a huge game changer!

The truth about Truth Wizards

The art of studying body language isn’t a new concept. It’s true that modern psychological theories have turned the art into a science, but those theories are grounded in ancient history.  The Wizard Project itself was initially named after Diogenes the Cynic, the ancient Greek philosopher who roamed around the city with a lamp in his hand, peering deeply into people’s eyes, claiming to have the power to tell if his subject was an “honest man”.

In fairness therefore, the roots of interpreting body language go deep down into 323 BCE Greece, and Diogenes the Cynic may very well have been the first Truth Wizard of the times. Luckily for many of us today though, strides in modern-day psychology have put learning and acquiring the skill of Truth Wizardry within reach of the “common” man/woman.

Truth or Lie: Learning to tell

There are just a handful of “real” Truth Wizards in the world today that really understand body languageJanine Driver, one of my awesome personal mentors and founder of The Body Language Institute, has proved beyond doubt that she is among the best there is. Sadly, Maureen O’Sullivan was unable to test Janine before she (O’Sullivan) passed away.  But there’s no doubt that had that test gone through, The Truth Wizards Project would have certified 51 Truth Wizards, instead of the 50 they did!

Today, you don’t need to be an “Official” Truth Wizard to be able to tell truth from lies. The Truth Wizards Team is able to teach ordinary individuals like you how to master the art of body language to use those skills to detect deceit and put the odds in your favor. All it takes is some good instruction, and plenty of practice. Both of those are provided in ample measure at

The site is …. and always will….  grow with great articles, podcast episodes [Truth Wizards Radio Podcast], courses, awesome resources and a library full of our favorite reading material to get you started!

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Keep It Real and Always Live at Level 10,

-  Mark Call
Truth Wizards Radio Podcast Host
'Certified' Body Language Trainer

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