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004 – Truth Wizards Radio Interviews
Vanessa Van Edwards


Lots of people can write about body language, but few people can make the subject as interesting as today’s guest. I’m delighted to welcome published author, “behavioral investigator,” and my own virtual mentor Vanessa Van Edwards with us today for Truth Wizards Podcast Episode No. 4. Over the past year , Vanessa has helped me […]

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Forget About the Rosebuds…
It’s All About the Intel

While Robert Herrick’s poem may advise you to “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,” Truth Wizards prefer to take a more practical approach: less rosebuds, more intelligence. In fact, gathering intel is the critical first step in effectively using your BS Barometer. If you’re ready to embrace your inner Nancy Drew or Shaggy, read on […]

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The “Naturals”:
They’re Not Who You Think

They walk among us, but they’re not necessarily who you’d expect. No, we’re not talking about a glass-walled houseful of attractive, brooding and extremely pale vampires; we’re talking about “naturals.” While the ability to detect deception is innate in all of us, it’s more “natural” for some than for others. But the term “natural,” is […]

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Covering Your Bases:
The Baseline Checklist

Just as a home run’s not a home run if you miss a bag, your intelligence gathering mission is incomplete without covering all of your bases. Body language is relentlessly reliable, but only with the right methods in place. Rather than take a chance on missed opportunities to discover deception-revealing “hot spots,” arm yourself with […]

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Introducing….Your “BS Barometer”

Have you ever wondered if your boss was lying to you when she said there were no salary raises this quarter, but your name was at the top of the list for the next round of pay hikes? Or whether the salesman at your favorite store was fibbing when he insisted that you are holding […]

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So What Kind of Liar Are You?

We’ve already covered that everyone lies. If you’re currently thinking to yourself in outrage, “Who are you calling a liar?” I urge you to stop and think again. Last month when your husband asked how much those new strappy sandals cost, did you dismiss the question with a wave of your hand and a flippant, […]

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Truth Wizards and Matters of Trust

You could spend your life in the rigorous pursuit of lies, but it would probably turn you into a pretty bitter, unpleasant person. After all, everyone lies. Your friends lie. Your children lie. You lie. Heck, even your sweet, old pie-baking Great Aunt Mabel lies. And you know what? Your not going to change any […]

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Microexpressions ….
- An Introduction -
(See What You Are Missing)

Dr. Paul Ekman is an American psychologist who is a pioneer in the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions. Dr. Ekman created a ‘directory of emotions’ discovering well more than ten thousand facial expressions. Dr. Ekman discovered only seven universally recognized microexpression relating to human emotions.  These seven universal microexpressions are known […]

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