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Body Language – Can YOU Be A Truth Wizard?

Wetruthorlie all have moments when we wish we could read someone else’s mind. Likewise, we all sometimes wish that we could will others into behaving a certain way. Little do most people know that humans actu

ally DO have the power to influence behavior and intuit what others are thinking through nonverbal communication skills. While some people, known as “Truth Wizards,” have the innate ability to detect deception and read body language (think hard: you probably know one!), the ability waits within us all. Now everyone can harness the power of persuasion and body language in order to succeed — both personally and professionally — in truly extraordinary ways.

What is a Truth Wizard?

When we think of wizards, the kind with a flowing cloak and unruly beard may come to mind. While they are magicians of the delightful Harry Potter variety, real “wizards” walk among us every day, and they work their magic without so much as a spell book or wand. And while these aforementioned Truth Wizards may not be able to transform a teapot into a hedgehog, they can do the real-life equivalent: read minds and bend people to their will through the power of body language and nonverbal communication tools and techniques. Are you ready for the truly surprising part? These powers lie within us all, although very few of us know how to unleash them.

The technical name for a Truth W
izard is  a “deception expert,” but this term can be misleading: while recognizing deception is indeed a valuable tool, the more potent Truth Wizard attribute is the ability to identify truth. While spotting a liar can have immediate benefits in the workplace and on the homefront, recognizing the truth — along with the people who speak it — has lasting implications for fulfilling relationships and a fruitful life.

Are Truth Wizards Born Or Made?

Nonverbal messages are a critical part of communication, and body language is a valuable tool in establishing better relationships and enhanced people skills — both personal and professional.  It’s not exactly surprising, then, that the inherent traits of a Truth Wizard are highly sought after in the real world. Which begs the question: are truth wizards born or made? The answer is simple: both.

While natural Truth Wizard abilities come easily to a very small segment of the population, they are not out of the reach of the rest of us. In fact, most experts believe that we are all born with the innate ability to detect detection. Unfortunately, for many of us our native ability to spot threats, identify predators, and separate fact from fiction has been dulled by years of evolution. Retraining your natural lie detection deception system is an integral part of outing liars and learning to trust the people around you, not to mention your own instincts.

We are in the business of training Truth Wizards, and our body language and persuasion strategies have proven themselves again and again. We teach aspiring Truth Wizards how to tap into their latent powers and optimize their natural human capabilities. Once these powers are harnessed, Truth Wizards have unprecedented access to the secrets of nonverbal communication, essentially becoming human lie detectors. Those who have mastered this superpower not only report increased effectiveness across all human interactions, they also lead more relaxed, fulfilling lives thanks to  newfound conviction in their own instincts.

So How Does it Work?

People are dynamic, as are their facial expressions. Physical reactions can vary widely within mere fractions of seconds;  without access to the the right information, the average person misses critical intelligence.  

While talk about wizards, mind reading and mind control may elicit thoughts of hocus pocus, our proven methods are grounded in years of sound scientific research.  We have collected a comprehensive body of research based on the pioneering work of the world’s most brilliant minds, and  aggregated it into digestible, actionable material applicable to nearly every human condition.   In other words, we busted our butts so you can read minds, influence other and — essentially — be a rock star at life. You’re welcome.

The Science of Micro Expressions

The Seminal Work of Dr. Paul Ekman

The concept of Truth Wizardry draws its foundation from the work of Dr. Paul Ekman of the Paul Ekman Group (PEG).  As a professor of psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California-San Francisco for 40 years, Dr. Ekman was a groundbreaking researcher in the field of nonverbal behavior. After retirement, he committed himself to transforming his extensive body of research into practical knowledge for everyone from civilians seeking more adept emotional lives to law enforcement officers looking for an edge during interrogations.  Dr. Ekman has trained operatives from the CIA, FBI, Department of Defense, as well as a local law encouragement groups, such as the NYPD. Furthermore, the training tools Dr. Ekman developed have been used across a comprehensive range of industries, from education, therapy and health care to business and sales.  

Much of Dr. Ekman’s work centers around micro expressions. While the name may sound fancy, the concept is not:  micro expressions are simply fleeting facial expressions — so brief that they may last as little as 1/25th of a second! Whether micro expressions are a deliberate attempt at subterfuge or an unconscious expression of a feeling, they convey any one of several emotions — anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise — which have been found to have a universal indicator.

When micro expressions were first described by psychotherapeutic researchers Haggard and Isaacs as “micromentary expressions,” the pair determined that not only were these expressions  unknown by the subject, but they were not recognizable in real time. Dr. Ekman’s research  eventually concluded that with training anyone could learn to see these facial expressions in real time. Dr. Ekman also helped identify why micro expressions occur:  as an act of deliberate suppression or unconscious repression. While it’s not possible to determine which is the root, recognizing these emotions and learning from them is what truly matters.

Why Micro Expressions Matter

They don’t — at least not to those ignorami content to go through life using only a minor percentage of their innate abilities, thereby missing significant opportunities to connect better with others and get ahead in life in a multitude of ways.

For the rest of us, micro expressions more than matter: they are the difference between a ho hum existence and one that is charged with unique insight and understanding. As a Truth Wizard, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Jumpstart your EQ?: We’ve all heard about the IQ, but EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) is just as important. Enhance yours as a Truth Wizard by learning foolproof techniques for understanding the human face. While language can be manipulated and/or misinterpreted, micro expressions are universal.
  • Empathy Power: Most people can only deduce what others care to show them when it comes to reading common facial expressions. Truth Wizards can recognize the hidden underlying emotions in order to establish a more accurate connection with the emotions being felt. Even if your subject himself doesn’t understand what he’s feeling, it’s clear to the trained Truth Wizard. Need an example? In a 2012 study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, researchers from Mass General determined that undergoing neuroscience-based empathy training improved physicians’ empathy, according to the perception of their patients. In other words, patients believed that dual doctors/Truth Wizards better understood them.
  • Hide and Seek: Liars can try to hide, but Truth Wizards are the ultimate at hide and seek…when it comes to spotting concealed emotions, that is. Even when someone is making their best attempt to disguise their true feelings, a micro expression will likely leak through, and only a trained Truth Wizard will notice the clue and catch the liar.
  • People People: A Truth Wizard has the ability to be the ultimate people person. Why? Because Truth Wizards are uniquely capable of recognizing the emotions of others and identifying with them in the most meaningful way. The result is a deeper connection and heightened sense of intimacy.  Research has even shown that individuals with autism and people with schizophrenia have benefited from micro expression training in order to develop and enhance their social skills.
  • Across the Universe?: Based on what we already know, it’s not exactly a surprise that research suggests that employees prefer Truth Wizards over their other co-workers.  And because micro facial expressions are universal, they apply to everyone in your life: from your boss to your lover to the UPS man. Since everyone shares the same set of expressions, a Truth Wizard’s powers are multiplied exponentially and span the entire globe.
  • That Means You, Too?: Truth Wizards are not immune to making micro expressions of their own. Learning how to recognize these can be a critical tool in understanding your own emotions. While many people don’t even know what they’re feeling when showing micro expressions,  a Truth Wizard can make sense of their most conflicting emotions through practice and training.

Everyday Applications of Truth Wizardry

Mind Reading 101

Whether you’re simply looking for more meaningful relationships or planning to conquer the corporate world, mastering Truth Wizard skills and nonverbal communication can do everything from help you get a date on Valentine’s Day to deliver a mind-blowing presentation in front of your boss. Every single day, Truth Wizards use body language and persuasion tools and techniques to enhance their people skills, command attention, make amazing first impressions, close deals and increase their overall perceived value to others.  And these aren’t just isolated skills: together, they fuse to form a unique amalgam which maximizes personal and professional success. If you’re tired of people not listening when you speak, these essential skills will compel them to listen.

Consider this: many of the people in your life will tell you exactly what they think you want to hear.  While this happens for a variety of reasons — ranging from an earnest desire to please to sheer malice — the result is the same: you receive unreliable information with no way of confirming its truth. This can lead to a life fraught with doubt and uncertainty. Truth Wizards don’t have to worry about this issue thanks to their remarkable ability to “see” the deceit or authenticity behind the words simply by reading body language. Truth Wizards know that it doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with the world’s most skillful liar:  the body always tells the truth.

Are you dying to know if your boss thinks you’re right for that big promotion in corporate? Do you constantly wonder whether your romantic interest as into you as he/she professes? While the layperson can only guess at these answers, a Truth Wizard can determine the truth with absolutely certainty and make well-informed decisions based on that knowledge.

Your boss may not quite be ready to make the hire, but an angry micro expression when your main competitor makes a mistake is a good indication of knowing where you stand. Simultaneously, the acquisition of this knowledge lays a solid foundation for a future conversation about your career prospects within the company.

Meanwhile, a brief flash of fear when you mention an ex or attractive co-worker tells you just what you need to know about your lover’s feelings, and also gives you the ability to ease a mind that’s clearly as uncertain as yours.

In other words, access to this type of information doesn’t just lead to better decisions; it also leads to more beneficial relationships with people you know you can trust. Research shows that body language and persuasion techniques are the most effective way to know what others truly think. If you’ve ever yearned to know what was inside someone else’s head, you can’t afford not to have access to this information. The knowledge you seek is as clear as day, but only to those who know what they’re looking for: Truth Wizards can instantly identify what others are feeling,  while also sorting truth from lies.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Okay, so we lifted the heading from Dale Carnegie’s 1936 best-selling self-help book. Based on the success of this book — not to mention his visionary career — Carnegie himself was likely a Truth Wizard even though he may not have known it.  

But let’s face it: times have changed since Carnegie delivered the fundamentals for handling people, making them like you, winning people to your way of thinking, and learning to lead. We know much more now than we did then about our ability to influence the thoughts and behavior of others simply by sending a few well-executed signals. Likewise, putting out the wrong signals — intentionally or otherwise — can end relationships and spin careers toward a crashing halt. Truth Wizards are uniquely positioned to avoid behaviors which seem deceptive and instead use body language exclusively to a positive end result. In other words, knowing negative body language helps prevent you from unknowingly making a negative impression.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to human interaction: whether you’re hoping to find a spouse or skip a few steps up the corporate ladder, effective communication skills are key. And while most people are aware of the basics of effective verbal communication, few have tapped into the crucial nature of nonverbal communications which gives Truth Wizards such an irrefutable edge.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It

In 2012, The Washington Post ran a story detailing how an increasing number of leading business executives are turning toward body language to get ahead based on the belief that everything from a basic handshake to foot positioning conveys a message. While the average person has no idea how to use these communication tricks, powerful people do. Some are intuitive Truth Wizards, while others can learn these postures to exert control.  

And the article agrees that it’s not just about sending signals: it’s also about interpreting them through deception detection techniques. Previously reserved for military intelligence, the FBI and police forces, these skills have entered the domain of the business world, and are now used everywhere from Coca-Cola to Georgetown University.

How Becoming a Truth Wizard Will Change Your Life

Simply put: this information is a game changer.

Becoming a Truth Wizard has immediate and long ranging effects which will last the course of your life. Truth Wizards learn to instinctively make better decisions, forge stronger relationships, spend less time dealing with dishonest people, boost their careers, multiply sales, negotiate better, control situations, make unbeatable first impressions, ace job interviews, communicate without words, establish authority, put out fires, and  hire the right people.  Just a little intimidating, no? Now imagine that those attributes belong to you.

Most people go through life unaware that the ability to spot deception and recognize truth is within their immediate reach. This leads to missed connections, opportunities and oversights. Truth Wizards, alternatively, harness these hidden powers for influence beyond the average person’s wildest dreams. The people who make the world move — from politicians to movie stars — know these secrets, and now you can, too.  If you’re tired of feeling powerless and ready to harness your own power from within, your future as a Truth Wizard awaits.  And while these deduction powers are scientific not supernatural, they offer life-changing magic.

Until we visit again ...

Keep It Real and Always Live at Level 10,

-  Mark Call
Truth Wizards Radio Podcast Host
'Certified' Body Language Trainer

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