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photo 1Mark Call lives in the State of Maine with his beautiful wife, Dina and their 4 children.

He’s a Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Success Coach and Business Entrepreneur.

As former Law Enforcement Office, Mark worked as a Deputy Game Warden; Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy and went on loan to the State DEA for the last two seasons of his public service.

After becoming a traditional brick and mortar business owner, Mark turned serial entrepreneur in 2008. He excelled in the home business arena where he attained the top level of several companies. This paved the way for him to author 3 books and launch his speaking and training career.

Mark is licensed to teach ‘The Psychology of Persuasion’ and ‘Science of Influence’ seminars by Dr. Kevin Hogan. Dr. Hogan is the best selling author of The Psychology of Persuasion and one of today’s leading experts in Influence, Persuasion and Body Language.

In 2013 Mark applied, and was accepted, to Janine Driver’s Body Language Institute (BLI 300), located in Washington DC. He graduated BLI’s ‘You Can’t Lie To Me’ (Train the Trainer) intensive Body Language program in April of 2014. As a BLI Certified Trainer, Mark has added (and teaches) Janine Driver’s ‘New’ Body Language techniques in his keynote presentations and training’s.

He now dedicates his time to educating others through his many websites and podcasts.


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