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003 – Truth Wizards Radio Interviews
Dr. Mary Gardner


Mary and herbie pictureAs someone who has been instrumental in teaching me to keep it real, today’s special guest on Truth Wizards Radio Podcast #3 is near and dear to my heart. A small animal veterinarian, speaker, consultant, author and inventor, Dr. Mary Gardener is an example to us all about the importance of following our hearts. After a successful career in software, Mary discovered her true life’s passion and pursued a second path as a veterinarian. She has since built a fulfilling career on the extremely valuable work of advocating for end of life care for the pets we love so much.

Mary and her organization, Lap of Love, have been featured everywhere from The New York Time to Entrepreneur Magazine. I’m delighted to have her here with us today to share her unique insights on how understanding body language can promote Level 10 living for you and the people (and pets!) around you.

Get ready to learn about:

  • How body language can help you be a better coworker.
  • Why detecting lies is only a very small part of how body language can change your life.
  • Why what you don’t see can be just as important as what you do see in body language.
  • How body language can not only help you make better decisions, but can also help you guide others to better decisions.
  • How you can read your pet’s body language.
  • Mary’s single most important piece of advice that can be applied to any person in any career in order to achieve Level 10 living.

Links and resources mentioned in Truth Wizards Radio Podcast, Episode 4:

—> Lap of Love

Until we visit again ...

Keep It Real and Always Live at Level 10,

-  Mark Call
Truth Wizards Radio Podcast Host
'Certified' Body Language Trainer

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  • Gine Oquendo

    Hello! I inspire the story of Dr. Mary, I hope I can have time to study again and have a pet hospice business also, I worked as a Engr. right now and being a Veterinarian was my first choice because our family loves pets.

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